John Hoare - lighting cameraman
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I've been a director of photography for 20 years shooting commercials (Dell, British Telecom, Daily Mail), music videos, drama and corporate communications. I'm based in London.

You can view my D.O.P. resumé and equipment list.

I own a Sony F55 large-sensor camera, Canon 30-105mm PL cine zoom, and set of 6 PL prime lenses (all 4k certified). The F55 records HD, 2k and 4k in raw or a variety of codecs, and shoots to 240fps slow-motion.

I also have Sony's A7S DSLR with a Birdycam gimbal and radio follow-focus. The A7S has exceptional low light capability, and is also good for time-lapse and in-car. It's 50mbps XAVC-S codec cuts well with the F55.
A7S with gimbal
I've now got a lightweight Birdycam gimbal with remote follow focus to take my A7S DSLR. Gimbals are for Steadicam-type shots. Photo: shoot for Ekstacy Films with sound recordist Chris Sutton.
Feature: Schadenfreude
2015 episodically shooting the feature Schadenfreude directed by Simon Pickup, starring Ronald Pickup, Virginia Denham, Steve Sweeney, Moya Brady. 4K raw on the F55.
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For Telegraph Media Group, director Matt Simmonds. Camera: F55.
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I shot this web commercial on a 5D mk2. Made for Sun-San sandals.
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I was DoP and editor on Ethiopian artist Tsion Aseffa's song Kestedemena. Camera: Canon C300.
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TV commercial for Space City Productions. Director: Lydia Esler. Producer: Lucy Watts. Camera: Canon C300.
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A series of films by Likely Story Productions for English Heritage's Angel Awards. Director: Hannah Robinson. Producer Dictynna Hood. Camera: C300.
Click to play English Heritage - Manorial Barn
Another for English Heritage's Angel Awards; director Dictynna Hood.
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Tony Hawks in an advertorial for the Daily Telegraph. Director Andy Mackenzie, producer Pete Fergusson. Camera: PMW500.
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Shoot by the Media Trust for the Ark Foundation: Brixton pupils camping in the woods. Directed by Farad Painchun, producer Jane Stephenson. A flavour of my actuality/doco style. Camera: PMW500.
The Other Man
For Dictynna Hood I shot "The Other Man", winner of the British Short Film Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Watch it on the BBC's Films Network. Filmed on Super16mm.
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A while ago I was D.O.P. on short film Reckoning starring Kate Hardie and Ben Shockley. Shot on standard 16mm so a bit grainy.
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Short film Pigment, a fantasy about Salvador Dali. Starring Tim Potter, director Henry Coleman. Shot on 16mm in Cornwall.
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I helped creative director Matt Simmonds shoot the intro to his 2014 showreel. Shot on F55, 4K raw.
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